High Performance Item

High-precision body component analyzer


“Inbody” is used in the medical field.
You can use the “Inbody” to check
your body once a month for free!

Detailed measurement of water content, protein, minerals, basal metabolism,
and muscle / fat amount in each part, which cannot be understood only by appearance.
Since you can know the changes in your body by measuring monthly, you can train more effectively based on the measurement results.
  • Monthly measurement results are automatically reflected on My Page “Weight graph” so you can check them at any time.
  • 500 yen (tax included) will be charged for the second and subsequent measurements.
  • [Precautions for measurement]
    Measurement is not possible for those who are pregnant or may become pregnant, or who have a cardiac pacemaker

Used by NASA


Introduced POWER PLATE, which is also used by the world’s top athletes, and NASA.

The original technology “3D harmonic vibration” applies a load to the details of the whole body from all directions with high-speed vibration 25 to 50 times per second, enabling effective exercise in a short time.
PowerPlate® is also effective for preparatory exercises. Just by riding for 5 minutes before training, you can be ready for machine training and aerobic exercise in a short time.
Comfortable vibration helps cool down the body used in the exercise. You can expect a relaxation effect in a short time by riding Power Plate® for 5 minutes after training.
Vibration training using Power Plate® stimulates more muscles, enabling more efficient and shorter training for purposes such as strengthening muscles and maintaining good health.
The effect of 1 hour of gym training in 15 minutes!