Q1Are there parking lots?

Yes. There are private parking lots for Ms. Boostfit and shared parking lots with ZARAME next door.

Q2Are there a changing room and a shower room?

There are a changing room, lockers and shower rooms.
There is also a powder room equipped with beauty equipment.

Q3What kinds of training machines are in the gym?

We have the machines of the finest brand, “Technogym”.

<Aerobic machine>
3 treadmills, synchro, bike

<Lower body machine>
Leg press, leg extension, abductor, adapter

<Upper body machine>
Rat machine, Pectoral, Low row, Multi-power, Crunch bench, Back extension

<Abdominal / back muscles>
Crunch bench, back extension

Q4My goal is not to lose weight or body-making. Is that ok?

The purpose of training is various, such as health promotion, posture improvement, swelling, back pain improvement, heart rate function improvement, and muscle strength improvement. If you let us know your request, we will introduce the most suitable training menu based on your lifestyle and exercise history.

Q5Are the instructors all women?

We have female trainers, but we also have male trainers.

Q6Tell us about recess and withdrawal.

Withdrawal fee is 2,200 yen (tax included), and withdrawal fee is 0 yen. It will be applied from the month following the procedure, so please complete the procedure at the gym reception by the end of the month.

Q7Is it possible to look on how the training goes or experience the training?

You can visit and experience it. Please feel free to make a reservation using the inquiry form on our website.

Q8How long is the training?

One training is 50 minutes. After that, you have a 40-minute free time, so you can use it freely for aerobic exercise, stretching and anything you need.

Q9How do we make reservations?

We accept customer-specific forms 24 hours a day.
We also accept reservations by phone or LINE.

Q10Is it possible to cancel reservations?

It can be canceled. In case of cancellation or change of reservation, please be sure to contact us by the day before.
If you cancel on the day of your reservation or cancel without permission, one training session will be used.

Q11What should I bring for training?

Please bring training clothes, shoes, sweat towels and drinks. Also, drinks are on sale.

Q12I am male. Am I able to join?

No. As it is a women-only gym, Male is not accepted.

Q13What do I need to join?

Credit card, ID card, passbook, bank stamp at the time of enrollment is required.

Q14No exercise experience or no years of exercise

No problem at all. It may seem tough at first, but the trainer will propose the best menu according to your athletic ability.

Q15Can I join even if I have a tattoo?

You can join, but wear clothes that do not allow others to see tattoos as much as possible.。

Q16How do I pay the monthly membership fee?

Only at the time of enrollment, you will be required to pay the enrollment fee and the membership fee for the first month + the next month by electronic payment. After that, on the 27th of every month, you will be required to pay for the next month from the account debit.

Q17Will I get a refund if I unsubscribe in the middle of the month?

No refund will be given if you withdraw from the membership in the middle of the month.Please be careful.

Q18 I would like to join, what should I do?

Please apply from the reservation form on the website. We will guide you through the procedure.

Q19Is it possible to appoint a trainer?

We do not have a trainer nomination system.

Q20Can I use a credit card?

It is available. We do not accept cash payments as we only accept electronic payments.
※ Please check the payment methods that can be paid by Air PAY.